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ACW Platform

The Atim Cloud Wireless® platform is a secured website allowing to manage and collect datas transmited by ACW products.
For you as for your customers and users, this web platform match to your needs. You will control and manage your devices in different groups that you can creat according to your desires.

Thanks to the different LPWAN networks dedicated to the internet of things as Sigfox or LoRaWAN, the messages transmited by the devices are directly sent to the ATIM Cloud. So, you benefit from a real-time visualization of the data transmitted by the sensor.


  • Device management in group
  • Niveaux de réception radio
  • Alertes SMS
  • Alertes Emails
  • API sécurisée
  • Observation of data in real time with a chart or table
  • Customization of curves and canals
  • Data export
  • Geolocation of the devices
Secure HTTPS website with TL certificate
We improve ACW Platform everyday
Create how many groups you want
The website is adapted to smartphones and tablets
Neophyte ? Your devices are automatically saved and available