ARM-Pico, the smallest Sigfox module is available

ARM-Pico, the smallest Sigfox module is available

ATIM annonces the release of its new “ARM-Pico” SIGFOX module, The smallest Sigfox module on the market today. This RF module is designed for mass quantities due to its low cost. If you want to design small IoT products, its size will definitely be a considerable advantage.

Small but robust, it also has an “RTU” (Ready to use) mode that allows you to use it with your sensors without any programming, for example a light, sound, vibration, temperature sensor or other digital inputs …
All you need to do is to configure the ARM-Pico through AT commands on its serial port to be able to use it in a specific way.

Samples are available in a limited quantity, you are able to reserve some on this page.

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    RF Module : ARM-Pico (19.90 € HT)
    1 ARM-Pico

    + Shield / Interface (20.00 € HT)
    ArduinoRaspberry PiSigBee

    + 1/4 wavelength antenna (3.90 € HT)
    1 Ant868-14S

    + 1/2 wavelength antenna (9.90 € HT)
    1 Ant868-12FSC

    I certify that I correctly informed the information needed to get an ARM- Pico kit promotional price .

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