ATIM, New actor in the LoRa-alliance

ATIM, New actor in the LoRa-alliance

To confirm as leader for Sifgox and LoRa LPWAN solutions, ATIM joins the LoRa alliance. Indeed ATIM offers a complete range of modules in multi-technologies and all in the same form-factor called “ARM-NANO” including the LoRa radio module.
ATIM also offers a complete range of radio modems called “ATIM Cloud Wireless®” making it possible to connect all sorts of sensors to Internet : Digital inputs, analog inputs, pulse counter (metering), serial port, temperature and humidity sensors, level sensors, ect…

The LoRa Alliance is an organisation on a non-profit basis founded in 2015 for industrial companies in the Internet of things and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) sector. The objective is to lay a standardisation of the Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) networks deployed in the world.
The LoRa technology is well adapted to the IOT and M2M applications, there are many in Smart City , Smart Building, the industry, ect…

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