Atim News – Mai 2019


New LoRaWAN Extender
Repeater for all LoRaWAN devices

Developed in partnership with Orange LABS, the ACW/LW8-EXT is a device allowing to repeat LoRaWAN products located in places where network coverage is not favorable, such as underground car parks or underground boiler-rooms.
It has the ability to repeat uplinks messages and downlinks messages to and from the network using Orange’s public infrastructure.
Thanks to a dedicated application, it is possible to manage the various repeated devices (adding, deleting, displaying information). The integration of the Extender in its environment is very easy, you just have to connect the power supply and configure the devices to be repeated. They will be repeated after join phase with the Extender.
The ACW / LW8-EXT doesn’t require any modification of LoRaWAN products you wish to repeat.

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Mobile World Congress
If you don’t know our products yet, here is a short presentation by Daniel, our Business Development Manager !

Join us to the IoT Business Day at Marseille the June 6th !

On June 6th, Connectwave and La Coque organize IoT Business Day, a B2B day dedicated to IoT uses and deployments. This day will be an opportunity to present our IoT solutions, to discuss about new projects and the new perspectives of connected objects. Three themes will be in the spotlight: industry, retail and the smart city!

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