Use cases  |  Industry

Our radio modems have been used on industrial sites for many years now. With various applications : Forklift driver call system on supply chains, external sensors on industrial sites, industrial weighing, cranes, conveyers, self guided vehicles (AGV) etc…

The ATIM radio modems exist with different RF technologies : 433MHz, 868MHz, WiFi, LPWAN, As well as different interfaces : Serial RS232, RS485, Ethernet, Digital and analog I/O in mirror and Modbus mode.

Appel cariste radio

Forklift driver call system – supply chain : “Callbox”

For a very big French automotive manufacturer, we have created the very first wireless and autonomous (battery powered) forklift driver call system. Indeed in the automotive industry in particular, they use a “Just-in-time” system so the time to deliver parts to the operator must be optimized. This method was invented by Toyota.

For this method to work obviously every element on the supply chain must be functional and with a high reliability. The radio performance is essential in this environment where there are many obstacles that make it very hard for radio transmission. Beside that the radio modems have to work next to soldering robots ans other sources of electromagnet radiations. Our system works perfectly in this environment, it uses a 868 MHz ISM band and can be offered as a turn-key solution. It includes the server as well as its master modem, the callboxes (push button) and radio tablets that are in the forklifts. With the exceptional radio performances, the solution manages to cover the whole of the industrial hall that is more than 20 hectares !


stockage automatisé

Automatic storage system

In this paper factory, The ATIM WIFI system insures a secured and excellent connection between the travelling crane and the ground. An ARM-SE with ARM-X radio modem allow to connect digital I/O between two cranes.



High temperature oven supervision

Here we have realized a wireless connection between a Schneider PLC embedded on a oven and the LAN network with our ATIM ARM-SE Ethernet radio modems. With its integrated TCXO, the ARM-SE supports very easily the temperature difference between the two distant wireless points.



Industrial conveyor management

Our radio modems have been used in this harsh environment for many years (cement factory). The application consists in connecting two wireless points, between the control room and the conveyors that are transporting cement