Newsletter ATIM – December 2018

Significant increase in battery life for ATIM top-selling products!

Because the cost of replacing batteries often exceeds the purchase price of the IoT device itself, ATIM has developed a new generation of its best-selling products with increased power reserve and optimized power consumption.

The ACW-TH, temperature and hygrometry sensor, sees its battery capacity growing from 3500 mAh to 7200 mAh, allowing a lifespan of 6 years with 1 Tx/hour on Sigfox network. The contact temperature sensor ACW-TMxD, and the water/electricity meter sensor ACW-MR2, will benefit from a power capacity multiplied by 4, jumping at 14400 mAh! This results in lifespans on Sigfox of more than 9 years with 1 Tx/hour for the ACW-TMxD, and over 15 years with 1 Tx/day for the ACW-MR2!







New worldwide compatible Sigfox radio module

After several months of development, we have presented our new Sigfox radio module, the ARM-NWW-SIGFOX. Designed to operate on all frequency zones (from RCZ1 to RCZ6), thanks to Sigfox’s Monarch® service it recognizes the local radio frequency and adapts automatically to it. A Bluetooth 4.2 component makes it possible to update and configure the firmware from any Bluetooth enabled device (smartphone, computer…).

The ARM-NWW is the perfect Sigfox module for worldwide asset tracking and monitoring applications: for example, it will allow a manufacturer to track equipment deliveries all over the world, to receive operating data or to be alerted in case of malfunction. The module will also be able to receive data by downlink, wherever its location in the world. This will allow users to send parameters or commands to a remote device.

First evaluation kits will be available in the first quarter of 2019.






Custom-made projects: Monitoring power-supply boxes on construction site 

Often solicited for specific requests, we also develop unique products for our customers.

A major French construction group was looking for a solution to remotely monitor thousands of power-supply boxes scattered around huge construction sites. Their goal was to locate each box, to control the power delivered by each unit and to receive an alert in case of internal overheating, to prevent fires.

After a thorough analysis of customer needs, and a deep understanding of operational constraints, we have developed, tested and industrialized a new IoT device integrating temperature sensors, a power meter reading feature, a GPS/GNSS component, and operating on LoRaWAN network.

After deployment of devices on first construction sites in Paris area, our customer can now precisely track power-supply boxes thanks to GPS and LoRaWAN network coordinates and follow power consumption of each unit for accurate management of operating costs.





We are listening !

Engage in a process of continuous improvement, ATIM is setting up an overall quality approach. Because we believe we can always do better, we would like to know your opinion on the quality of our services and products (telephone reception, sales department, products design, technical support, etc…).

For the new year coming ahead, your opinions will guide our resolutions!

Give your opinion !



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