Newsletter ATIM – January 2019

The whole ATIM team wish you an Happy New Year !

2019 will be for us a year of progress and innovation. We will be at your side in a quality approach, and listening. Our industry is booming and this is just the beginning. According to Transparency Market Research, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market is expected to reach  1 trillion $ in 2026 !


GPS option for ACW-DINDIOxx

The ACW-DINDIOxx has been developed in collaboration with the BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION company to monitor their fleet of building electrical boxes. The network part is provided by OBJENIOUS. The states of 8 circuit breakers and the indexes of 8 energy meters can be reported as well as the temperature inside the box. The product also has a GPS / GNSS ensuring the location of the box, which is essential for mobile versions distributed throughout the site. There is also a version with 8 inputs and 8 outputs ToR to control equipment or to restart a device remotely from the network in case of a crash.

This product can be used in different situations:

– Control monitoring and geolocation of equipment (electrical boxes, generators, air compressors, etc.).

– Intrusion detection (replacement of old RTC alarms).

– Control and restart of remote equipment (PLCs, servers, pumps, motors, valves, etc …).

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New tool to determine LoRa network coverage!

You will be able to discover from your SPOT portal, a new efficient and intuitive tool, allowing you to test the coverage of the Objenious LoRaWAN network all over the French territory. From a restricted area such as a postal address or a larger area, you can view the level of coverage before considering a field deployment.

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New LoRaWAN + LoRa module

The ARM-N8-LRW module incorporates all the features of the ARM-N8-LW plus the dual LoRaWAN and LoRa Point-to-Point compatibility. The N8-LRW integrates the standalone mode running LoRaWAN or LoRa P2P allowing its users to design an IoT product, without the need to be an expert in embedded electronics. In LoRaWAN, the module can be configured to operate in Europe (ENSI) or North America (FCC). Many Customers Choose ATIM Modules for RF Performance, Mixed Mode, or Easy Stand Alone Operation.

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