1 or 2 digital temperature probe(s)

Temperature reporting towards a web platform via Sigfox and LoRaWAN.

This is the ideal product to supervise temperature for a distant site. The ACW-TMxD modem will warn you in case of threshold over-run.
This innovating radio modem will also find its place in the cold chain : Fridge monitoring, freezer and also in energy efficiency (Smart Building) and other smart applications.


sigfox lora

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The ACW-TMxD allows you to send temperature information collected with a digital sensor. This transmission is done on regular basis and by threshold alert, in case of a problem, an email or an sms alert will be sent (this service is an extra). The ACW-TMxD radio modem is multi-purposed and can be used in many applications.

Strong points :

  • Easy to test by pressing the button on the front
  • Access to the Atim Cloud Wireless platform
  • Low cost, low power
  • Easy to use, Quick start

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