1 or 2 PT100/1000 temperature probe(s)

Measurement of one or two remote temperature (s)

This sensor is used to monitor the temperature using one or two PT 100 or PT1000 probe (s) 2 meters apart. Data is transmitted at regular intervals configurable as required.

Thanks to our Atim Cloud Wireless platform, the data of the fleet of sensors are instantly visible and SMS and email alerts can be configured in order to be notified when a threshold is crossed.

Commonly used in the sectors of cities, buildings and connected industries, the ACW-TMxP can be used for different use cases:

  • Compliance with sanitary standards: monitor the temperature of a domestic hot water network to prevent the appearance of legionella
  • Respect for the cold chain: refrigerated banks, refrigerated trucks, etc.
  • Control the temperature of the water in the network and avoid overheated water

Sensor is available in one or two probe version (ACW-TM1P / ACW-TM2P) or without probe (ACW-TM0P)

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Key strenghts :

  • Temperature precision : +/- 0.15°C between -25°C and +70°C
  • Range of measurement : -325°C / +325°C
  • Plug & play : quick installation, less than 10 minutes
  •  Interchangeables batteries
  • Optimized autonomy >9 years with 1 uplink/hour
  • Radio range >15kms
  • IP65 casing
  • Redundancy of data & datalogging modes
  • Bluetooth (BLE4.2), USB or downlink setup
  • Quality of network connection through LED signal

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