Water – electricity – gas meters monitoring

Télérelève de compteurs d’eau, d’électricité ou de gaz – Comptage

This sensor is used to monitor and transmit the status of 4 discrete outputs (open collector type, NPN / PNP and dry contact). It can also be installed for the purpose of regularly transmitting the count index of a counter. Data is transmitted on a regular basis, at configurable intervals as required.

Used in many sectors such as industries, cities, connected buildings, the ACW-MR4 is able to adapt to many applications:

  • Monitor the indexes of multiple meters
  • Monitor water or electricity consumption: energy savings
  • Intrusion detection: opening or closing a door on a private property
  • Connection to the network of the system for opening and closing doors in industry (loading docks, warehouses, etc.)


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Points forts :

  • 4 entrées configurables en comptage ou Tout ou Rien
  • Plug & Play : installation rapide en moins de 10 minutes
  • 2 packs de piles (14,4Ah) interchangeables
  • Autonomie prolongée : >10 ans avec une émission par heure
  • Portée radio >15kms
  • Configuration Bluetooth (BLE 4.2) ou downlink
  • Boitier étanche IP65 (protection eau et poussière)
  • Redondance des données et datalogging
  • Signal visuel indiquant la connexion au réseau

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