4 or 8 dry contacts inputs and outputs
Sigfox LoRaWAN

The ACW-DIND44 / ACW-DIN88 allows to report the status of 4 or 8 digital inputs and outputs.

Compared to current technologies, the ACW-DIND44 / DIND88 connects to Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks, making it possible to have a wide range even of isolated locations (excellent penetration of materials).

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This radio modem allows the status report of 4 or 8 Tout ou Rien inputs and 4 or 8 Tout ou Rien outputs remotely via the Sigfox or LoRaWan networks (depending on the version chosen: ACW-DIND44 or ACW-DIND88) .

Strong points :

  • LPWAN technology: connected to the Sigfox or LoRaWAN network
  • Exceptional RF performance
  • Low cost, low consumption
  • Easy to install, rapid deployment