Outdoor sensor
Temperature and humidity
Sigfox LoRaWAN

Transfer of temperature and external humidity to a web platform via Sigfox or LoRaWan.

This module allows the temperature and the external humidity to be reported. The transmission of data is done at regular intervals or on alerts exceeding thresholds.
Equipped with a digital sensor, the radio module ACW-TH-O is very versatile and will find its place in outdoor sites. It is possible to set the alert by Email or SMS (the SMS service is optional) on the ACW management interface of your sensors.


sigfox lora

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This is the IP66 waterproof version of the ACW-TH-I for measuring the temperature and the external humidity.

This innovative radio module will also find its place in the energy optimization of industrial sites and many other applications.

Strengths :

  • LPWAN technology: connected to the Sigfox or LoRaWan network
  • Outstanding RF performance, built-in antenna
  • Low cost, low consumption
  • Easy installation, rapid deployment
  • Waterproof housing

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