Starter development Kit

This extension card for Xbee allows you to easily integrate the Sigfox technology on your mini-PC and access to the IoT world


sigfox lora 868


ARM-N8-LD : Point to point or point to multipoint communication (Long-Distance, NarrowBand)

Strong points :

  • Form Factor “ARM-Nano”
  • Narrow band radio technology, GFSK modulation, high sensitivity
  • Output power of 27dBm maxi
  • Link budget : +150dB
  • Radio baudrate from 1200bps to 115200bps
  • UART Interface or SPI bus
  • Ultra low power sleep mode (<1,5µA) and responsive ( doesn’t loose any characters when woken up by UART )
  • CMS module to solder on the card
  • Compact design : 30mm x 18mm

Functioning modes :

  • Transparent mode, Modbus
  • Ping-pong test mode, Carrier wave,RSSI reading
  • Compatible with the ACW and ARM range

Wake-up source :

  • 1 Digital input
  • Reception (without any loose) of a UART character
  • SPI Command
  • radio reception (WOR)
  • RTC (clock)

Configuration, update :

  • AT commands configuration (local or distant), Modbus or SPI
  • Firmware update by encrypted bootloader on a UART connection
  • EEPROM settings saving

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