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The products from the ARM Advanced Radio Modem® range use the ISM (Industrie Scientifique Médical) bands and can be used freely (free without any licence) for industrial, scientific and medical applications. This band is a good balance between range, power, and antenna size between 863MHz and 870MHz.

The ARM-SE, ARM-X, ARM-D/DA products are designed for industrial usage. Placed in an electric cabinet on a DIN rail, they adapt perfectly to all sorts of products connected in RS232 and RS485 serial ports, Ethernet or to report digital or analog I/O. With the maximum power (500mW/27dBm) the range can be up to 5 km line of sight.


Serial / Ethernet radio modem

The Ethernet ARM-SE (Advanced Radio Modem Serial + Ethernet) radio modem offers an interesting alternative to wifi. It is well adapted to a wireless connection with a long distance disrupted environment.


  • Timing, time report/li>
  • Display, signs
  • Water management, energy
  • Camera control, telemetry
  • Quarry, mines, cement factory
  • BTP, Industry…

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Digital radio modem

The ARM-D and ARM-DA radio modems are well adapted for application including a report of digital or analog states : telecontrol, supervision, monitoring, alarms.

They work in”mirror” mode (Input-output transfer in both ways, in cyclic or detection mode) or in “Modbus slave” mode, accessible in this case from a Modbus/TCP ou Modbus/RTU master, by going through an ARM-SE radio modem.


  • Display panel Synchronization
  • PLC state report
  • Analog 4-20mA or 0-10V report
  • Cranes, industrial conveyors
  • Pumping station, valve control

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