Use cases  |  Smart City

The future cities are being designed today, every week around 1 million people decide to go and live in a city ! There are a lot of equipment’s to connect : Public lighting, water, gas, electricity meters, fuel level monitoring, people monitoring, energy efficiency, waste management, connected surveys, parking spaces, fire extinguisher, alarms, ect…


Fire hydrant management

The electronic card designed by Atim secures the management of fire hydrants by reporting in real time every information related to them : 24 hour a day monitoring, consumption calculation, alerts in case of fraud or tipping over, ect. The communication is based on the Sigfox network.

The challenge was to design a very small electronic card capable to work in very cold, hot and humide environments, and even be able to be in the water for many days. Our engineers developed and designed a special antenna for this harch environment. One of the main points was to garanty a perfect Sigfox coverage.

With the Sigfox network deployed in France for outside applications, the challenge is taken. This sort of project was impossible with GSM communication that is very expensive and consumes too much energy.


Advertising panels synchronization

One of the big historic ATIM partners with a good story. It was an emergency prototype development for JC-DECAUX in the 90’s for a presentation to one of there biggest customers. The product that we developed specially for them was the ARM-D that became standard. It manages the scrolling synchronization between two panels. This solution is used in many cities, airports, public areas, for example all along the Champs Elysées.


Car park display panel management in Monaco

With the Wifi frequency being congested due to the density of the population, the principality decided to use the 868 MHz ISM band for the display panels communication. An ATIM ARM-SE is placed on every post configured either in “acces point” mode for the masters (connected to the server by an Ethernet cable) or a “client” mode for the others (only radio). By doing little cells, the 260 panels are covered in all of the principality. Since 2009, the system has been working 24 hours/7 week with a reliability close to 100%.