How to install a device with an antenna?

In an IoT sensor or M2M modem, the antenna plays an important role in the transmission of data:

– 1/4 wave antennas (ANT868-14-MAR-S2 or ANT868-14S4.0) require a ground plane. Without it, the performance of the antenna will be almost zero. It is very important to install the antenna with a sufficient ground plane in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

– The antenna must always be placed upwards, high and free of metallic obstacles (leave a free diameter of at least 20cm and ideally 1m)

– Antenna cable connectors and adapters can cause significant losses in radio quality. Depending on the type of cable used, the loss will be greater or lesser [for lengths greater than 3m it is recommended to use the CFP10 cable ref (10mm diameter)].