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IoT Solutions World Congress

International IoT event
Meet ATIM from May 10th to 12th in Barcelona, Spain, at the IoT Solutions World Congress. Our team will meet you on the French pavilion, booth D42.

This event will present innovative technological industrial solutions. 📡

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Temperature and humidity sensor. The TH-O is an IP66 rated equipped with anaccurate temperature and humidity sensor that allows you to calculate the dew point and ensure correct production.

The measurements are regularly transmitted via Sigfox or LoRaWAN networks and the configuration is configurable from the tools of
the ATIM suite.

🌡️ -50°C to +125°C
⚙️ Configuration via USB, downlink
🔋 Replaceable batteries
🔁5 years and +* with 1 measurement/hour

*Subject to environmental conditions


Indoor version [TH-I] also available


  • Anticipate the freezing of crops in a perennial way.
  • Measure in real time the dry temperature without shelter and the
    wet temperature.
  • Notify the farmer by call, SMS or email so that he triggers his means of control.
  • Alert transmission as soon as the temperature reaches 0.5°C.
  • ATIM sensors are installed in many vineyards in France

Electrical cabinets

  • Monitor the temperature inside a site electrical cabinet.
  • Prevent the potential risk of fire due to electrical overload or high temperature.
  • Alert when thresholds are exceeded.
  • ATIM equips thousands of sites for a major player in the construction sector.

IoT network tester

The ATIM tester allows you to check the radio coverage and signal reception quality of Sigfox and LoRa LPWAN networks. It allows you to
optimize and validate the installation location of your IoT sensors in the field.
The operation is very simple: a push on a button and a colour code indicates the radio quality.
Compatible with computer and mobile versions of the IoT web platform, visualization of network quality is made possible with a few clicks.

🔋 Rechargeable batterie via USB
▶️ Pushbutton
🎚️Colour scale corresponding to the quality of
the signal
💡 LED indicator light

Digital catalog

For more flexibility and quick updates, we have opted for the digital format of our catalog version. 

Available on our website, you can also access it via the QR opposite.

On your smartphones 📱

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