Codecs : Decoding - encoding of data
Frame Decoding available for free.

Would you like to obtain them in order to integrate our solutions into your systems ? Contact us.

ATIM facilitates the integration of its solutions for your projects by providing  the IoT ecosystem with operators & platforms Codecs allowing the decoding of your data.

We also offer to send you directly the Codecs if you wish to keep the hand on the decoding of your data in the framework of your customized projects.

Codecs are .txt files containing the description code of the data transmitted by the ATIM sensors. Relying on these Codecs will allow you to automate the decoding of raw frames into an usable data for everyone.

Example of content

function decodeStream (stream){
// Init result
    let result = {historics: [],events: [],realTimes: []};

    // Parse stream
    let jsonStream = JSON.parse(stream);

// Get time and payload
let time = new Date(( * 1000)/1000;
let payload =;
// Get message ID
var header = parseInt(payload.substring(0, 2),16);

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