Temperature, humidity & air quality sensors
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Energy efficiency and comfort are ensured by monitoring the temperature,of humidity and air quality: CO2 and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Sensors.

These parameters are critical in the context of the  prevention of legionellosis , de ventilation of rooms , monitoring cold chain or temperature monitoring in the context of efficiency energy infrastructure.

ATIM offers a wide range of stand-alone connected products that measure and transmit temperature, relative humidity, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and VOC (volatile organic compounds) through integrated or remote probes, thus responding to numerous use cases.

In particular, the CO2 sensors allow to fight effectively against the circulation of the virus: national standards establish recommendations of ventilation for buildings receiving public when critical thresholds are crossed. Be alerted before it’s too late!

With the help of ATIM Cloud Wireless® solutions pre-configurable alerts are sent when thresholds are exceeded: This is the assurance of an efficient and value-added service.