ATIM Cloud Wireless®

Centralise – Supervise – Analyse – Alert

The IoT Web Portal with limitless possibilities.

  • Predefined or customized dashboards
  • Computer and mobile compatibility
  • Ease of use

  • Curves, tables, evolutionary synoptics
  • Instant update of information
  • Reports: PDF, EXCEL & csv

  • SMS & Emails notifications
  • Thresholds setup
  • Optimization of interventions

  • Data protection
  • Frames historic
  • Encrypted raw frames

The ATIM Cloud is a secure portal that facilitates the acquisition, management and exploitation of the datas coming from your IoT sensors and devices.

An all-in-one solution to create, visualize, control, monitor et analyze any product communicating from a central point: The Interoperatibility of the platform ensures a reliable transmission of the datas from the field sensors and the visualization of these on a specific dashboard (library containing more than 2000 use cases).

Interfaces made to measure integrating as much as possible with customer IoT application cases: flexibility and adaptability. A hierarchy system allows you to simplify access restrictions between accounts users and administrators.

Mobile application available