Presence detection
  • IP67
  • Plug and Play

The sensors for the detection of presence and measurement of level facilitate the monitoring & security facilities sensitive.

The IoT revolutionizes the security sector with its security solutions presence detection thanks to connected sensors.

Stand-alone products, compact form-factors and Plug & Play allow the centralization of alerts when a presence is detected, a filling rate outdated or a liquid leakage highlighted.

The alarm centers feed on the information provided by the ATIM sensors in order to warn and act quickly on alerts and abnormal situations.

Remote monitoring also allows for a reduction in labor and optimize ROI thanks to the transmission of value-added information, the installation being facilitated by avoiding wiring work, all sensors being autonomous and wireless.

Thanks to the ATIM Cloud Wireless® web platform, Reports and consumption alerts are sent directly to the concerned users (by SMS or Email).

PIR Presence detectors will find applications in many fields: occupancy of meeting rooms and offices, intrusion detection on isolated sites, virtual barriers on agricultural properties, etc…

Liquid detectors allow to alert in case of water leakage in data centers or sensitive places such as museums or libraries. They are also designed to detect leaks in underground pipes of heating or cooling networks.

Finally, the ultrasonic transmitters are used to measure the height of a river, the volume remaining in an agricultural silo or the height of snow.