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Pioneer in the Internet of Things revolution, Sigfox has become the worldwide connectivity solution with its OG global network. The french protocol-operator provider registers 16+ millions of devices over 70+ countries.  This unique approach in the world of wireless connectivity provides solution to numerous use cases.

Sigfox coverage simulation


Sigfox connects Objects to end-Customer IT through Stations that sends the sensors data to the Cloud. Thanks to a revolution approach using Ultra Narrowband technology, Sigfox provides a robust, secure and optimized Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) solution. The protocol operates on Sub-Giga frequency bandwidths which allows great material permeability and autonomy.

ATIM, 1st Sigfox Partner

ATIM’s sensors are Sigfox ready and compatible. We develop our own Sigfox Module that is integrated to all are devices. As the 1st Sigfox Partner, radio specialist and IoT pioneer, our engineer team pushes the IoT product line specifications to the best to bring a robust industrial solution.

The Sigfox technology allows ATIM sensors to send their data (temperature, humidity, metering index, state of dry contacts, analog input,…) with ultra long range features to Sigfox Cloud. The bidirectional communication allows remote controlling by sending downlinks from the Customer IT to the Objects.

ATIM provides a complete solution from the sensor, through the Sigfox connectivity to the visualization platform. Our platform can be connected to any applications via API or Callbacks.