Sigfox is a global network operator fort the Internet oh Things (IoT). The network allows devices to communicate with each other at very low speed and low cost for very low consumption thanks to Ultra Narrow Band. Pioneer of the Internet of Things revolution, Sigfox has become the global connectivity solution. The French operator registers more than 17 countries connected devicesin more than 70 pays. This unique approach to wireless connectivity offers a solution to many use cases.

ATIM develops its own radio modules Sigfox which are integrated into the products ACW (Atim Cloud Wireless®).As the first partner Sigfox, specialist radio and pioneer of IoT, our team of engineers pushes the technical characteristics of the products in the IoT range to the maximum and provides a high-performance industrial solution.

Sigfox Ultra Narrow Band technology allows ATIM sensors to send their data (temperature, humidity, measurement index, state of dry contacts, analog input, etc.) with ultra long range functions to the Cloud. The communication bidirectional allows remote control by sending links descendants of client computing to objects.ATIM provides a complete sensor solution, from Sigfox connectivity to visualization platform. Our platform can be connected to all applications via API or Callbacks so that alerts SMS or emails are easily configurable.

million objects deployed
countries covered
million km²
billion people


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