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Paris-based distributor of hardware, software and industrial IoT.
Distributor of antennas and wireless solutions based in Grenoble.
Distributor of electrical engineering for companies in the industrial sector. They have reached the number of 85 agencies in France and in Europe.
Distributor of electronic components, IoT, M2M, automation in Belgium and the Netherlands.
Major player in Spain offering global solutions for digital transformation.
Distributors of automation devices and software in Poland.
Distributor of components and systems for industrial and building automation, based in Portugal.
Smart Building Controls is the largest KNX integrator in Belgium. It is a beacon of knowledge with extensive expertise and experience in the field of home automation and building management. 
Distributor of frequency automation (RF) and control applications, based in Turkey.
Information technology provider that offers highly integrated solutions and helps customers find innovative ways to operate and grow. TST is based in the Middle East.
Technology distributor offering highly integrated solutions. Malthe Winje is based in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, France and China.
IHMPACIFIC supports companies in their connectivity projects by offering complete and customized IoT solutions, based in New Caledonia.
Technology solutions provider, harnessing the power of IoT and AI to help daily business operations, based in Mauritius.
ShopOfThings supports IoT projects from the selection of the right hardware to registration in relevant networks and visualization platforms and on-site installation in Germany.
Distributor of products and services in measurement and control technology in Sweden.
Supplier of IoT devices for BMS, automation and connectivity projects, based in the UK and Ireland.
0g Baltics is the exclusive Sigfox operator in the Baltic States.
Multi-technology solutions provider 🇱🇹🇱🇻🇪🇪.
IoT distributor, LoRa expert, based in Scotland.
Sigfox Germany GmbH is the German Sigfox operator, and thus one of more than 72 network operators worldwide to deliver on the promise of global 0G network coverage.
Actility provides the most reliable and advanced IoT platform used by thousands of global enterprises and operators.
Citron® is a Proptech that digitalizes the energy and technical management of companies.
Cellnex is the leading European operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructure.
Everynet brings together ecosystem partners to deploy and scale LPWAN solutions to solve the world’s most critical problems.
EIT SMART is the only IoT network operator in Italy able to guarantee international interoperability by seamlessly integrating with the networks of over 70 “0G Consortium” operators.
Hxperience provides 360° control of your buildings, making your real estate assets more sustainable and efficient through its data.
Heliot Europe is a leading IoT provider in Europe, they operate several networks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia.
Iothink Solutions is a software company specialized in IoT agnostic solutions for industrial and service companies.
IP Systèmes has been a supplier of rugged computing, automation, remote management & IoT solutions for over 30 years.
INTECH-ICS AG develops, produces and distributes innovative products and systems at national and international level for the security needs of our time.
Intent technologies deploys the only cloud platform capable of enabling building and city services to interact and control each other, thanks to a comprehensive and diversified catalog of connectors designed to develop the use value and attractiveness of assets and equipment.
Imagina International is a publisher and integrator of Aten ERP solutions.
JNT provides IoT connectivity with the world’s most advanced data transfer technologies.
myDevices is an IoT solutions company, enabling system integrators, MSPs, VARs, ISVs and enterprise customers to quickly bring IoT solutions to market.
Liquid Intelligent Technologies is the leading pan-African digital infrastructure provider with an extensive fiber optic broadband network.
As an IoT solutions integrator, NomoSense supports its customers across the entire chain (sensor, connectivity, services) to design, deploy & operate their infrastructures.
Founded in Switzerland, LORIOT AG is a leading global IoT company, already present in over 150 countries on 5 continents.
Orange is one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators. The Group is present in 26 countries.
Pando2 is the first application that combines air quality management and energy consumption optimization.
Pilot Things allows to create a virtual private network with connected objects. They design solutions perfectly adapted to a context by using their software components.
Semlink is a connectivity and remote control solution for HVAC installations. Allowing to create an open and modular BMS.
Synox supports companies and communities that want to implement their IoT projects regardless of the objects and technologies used.
Swisscom is one of the most innovative and sustainable companies in Switzerland. In total, Swisscom has more than 19,000 employees.
Technilog is an editor of Hypervision/Supervision platforms for data acquisition, metrics retrieval and remote control of IoT devices, PLCs and BMS.
The Things Industries is the industry’s renowned expert for enterprise LoRaWAN solutions that deliver the stability, scalability and cost-effectiveness your IoT project needs.
TCT designs and manufactures magnetic cores and wound passive components for energy management and power conversion.
UnaBiz is a global Massive IoT service provider specializing in solution design, manufacturing, connectivity and data platform services.
The Wattsense connectivity solution frees up access to data collection and visualization by making it easier to use IoT and BMS in buildings.

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