Mobile Application

A securedPlug & Play mobile configuration.

Easy to deploy in the field, quick to learn: guaranteed to save time.

  • Product selection by Bluetooth scan
  • Fast, intuitive & didactic
  • Remote visualisation, updating & configuration

  • Compatibility tools ATIM suite
  • Export of predefined configuration via QR code
  • Easy to deploy and use sensors

  • Application of the latest firmware versions
  • Loading modified configuration parameters from the ACW-APP
  • Quick downloads of updates

The ACW-APP is a tool from the ATIM suite allowing the wireless configuration of our IoT sensors . It gets involved the user experience by offering a mobile interface to the settings of your IoT products.

In addition to the computer configurator, the ACW-APP facilitates the application of predefined configurations via a scan of QR code.

From the computer version of the configurator, it is now possible to save a configuration specific to the sensor and to export it in QR format. The scan of this code, from the ACW-APP, connected to the products, will ensure the application of the configuration quickly. This feature is a time-saving feature for the deployment of IoT sensors in volume and allows field technicians to reconfigure equipment without being a computer geek !

Mobile application available soon