Metering / command gateways
  • Dry contacts I/O
  • LoRaWAN class C

The industrial revolution 4.0 consists in connecting equipments in order to monitor their parameters and control them remotely (dry contact transfer, relay control, parts counting, Modbus, etc…)

ATIM facilitates its adoption through a compact and configurable form-factor range that can be easily integrated in the most difficult industrial environments. 

From the simple status report of dry contact inputs to the monitoring of energy consumption (pulse output meters or Modbus RS485), the ATIM ACW range offers a wide range of ready-to-use solutions. The ACW-DINDxxxx range also allows the remote control of digital outputs in LoRa class C. The ACW-DINRSM version can be connected to any Modbus PLC or energy meter to remotely read and modify targeted parameters. 

A remote temperature probe (in option), allows to reduce risk of fire by detecting in time an abnormal overheating in your electrical cabinets.

The data centralization offered by IoT technologies helps companies to optimize their consumption and also increases their reactivity to malfunctions, breakdowns or stoppages of their equipment.

The Metering/Control product line promotes the implementation of global remote supervision solutions that increase the productivity and efficiency of industrial facilities while reducing costs.