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Events – meetings

IoT Solution World Congress
[Barcelone] 🔙
Show over, we would like to thank you first of all ! Many of you came to visit us at the IoT Solution World Congress.
We continue to support you on your connected projects. 🤝

IoT world + MtoM Embedded
[Paris] 🔜
📆 June 29 – 30
📍 Porte de Versailles
➡ stand C04
ATIM will exhibit with its partner Factory Systemes at ioTworld + MtoM Embedded. A new opportunity to meet us and (re)make contacts.

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Smart Metering|Remote control of equipment
The DINDxx range facilitates the reporting of the status of up to 16 ToR contact inputs or upto 8 pulse counter indices.
It also allows remote control of industrial equipment (up to 8 outputs) and monitoring of their correct operation.

It is possible to create programs to control the outputs according to the day of the week and over a given time period. The product willautomatically activate, or deactivate, some of itsoutputs according to the program configuration. As an option, a jack connector allows the addition of a digital temperature sensor.

✅ LoRaWAN class C
📡 Remote antenna – SMA connector
⚙️ Configuration via USB, downlink
💻 Compatible with desktop configurator
🔌 Standard 10-30 Vdc power supply
📆 Output programming schedule

DIND21 [2 inputs + 1 output]
DIND44 [4 inputs + 4 outputs]
DIND80 [8 inputs]
DIND88 [8 inputs + 8 outputs]
DIND160 [16 inputs]

Controlled mechanical ventilation – VMC

  • Monitor alarm states and activate the relevant outputs accordingly.
  • Control the CMV remotely using the ToR outputs to ventilate a room.
  • Reduce electricity or gas consumption by switching off the CMV during predefined time slots

Agricultural and public watering

  • React quickly in case of high temperatures and activate the watering remotely.
  • Reduce water consumption by watering only in anoptimized manner.
  • The ACW/DINDxx has an [optional] temperature sensor to monitor the temperature of the garden or the electrical cabinet

Stay connected …

LTE-M (Long-term evolution for Machines) or LTE Cat-M1 is an alternative cellular network to LoRaWAN and Sigfox radio networks.
As an extension of the 4G antenna network, it allows products connected to its network to benefit from the coverage of 33 countries currently deploying it worldwide. LTE-M is being used in all applications where latency or throughput are critical: animal tracking, vehicle tracking, medical devices, smoke or gas detectors, Industry 4.0.

LTE-M technical specifications

  • long battery life
  •  low latency
  • wide coverage
  • high and adequate throughput

Digital catalog

For more flexibility and quick update, we have opted for the digital format of our catalog version. 

Available on our website, you can also access it via the QR opposite.

On your smartphones 📱

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