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Wireless Day

Unique event in Auvergne – Rhône – Alpes

EBDS & CAP’TRONIC organize the Wireless Day on March 22nd in Villefontaine, near Lyon. 

This meeting will gather experts in IoT, 5G, LPWAN networks, and communicating objects. 📡

On the program 📋

  • Conferences
  • Round tables
  • Demonstrations
  • Meetings with market players

Stéphane Pouillot, Business Developer, will speak 🎙 during this event and will represent ATIM.   

He will talk about the power consumption of LPWAN devices and explain how to manage it efficiently on our sensors. 📡🔋

Video support

Video #2 is about the ACW/WL, a water leak detection sensor. The product will inform you about the presence of liquid, and alert you in case of risk. It is equipped with a powerful buzzer alerting you in case of leak detection. 📢

The video is available on our Youtube channel. ▶

Zoom on

DINRSM facilitates the transfer of Modbus information to LoRaWAN or Sigfox networks.

Through an RS485 serial connection, it interfaces to industrial Modbus slave equipment: PLCs or energy sub-meters for example.

 Up to 49 radio request frames can be configured by DINRSM: these frames are configurable from the ACW/CFG desktop application. Each frame can query up to 17 registers for a total of 833 Modbus registers per device. ✅

🔗 RS485 serial link

📊 read and write up to 833 Modbus registers

🔃 LoRaWAN Class C

📟 configuration of frames and registers by USB


  • Query isolated sensors such as soil sensors (temperature, humidity, pH, etc.).
  • Consult sensor information on the internet and analyze the data.
  • Adapt the management of your crops (irrigation, solenoid valve control).


  • Consult the data related to your meter (voltage, current, active power, reactive power).
  • Read regularly the data of the remote sub-meters.


For more flexibility we have opted for the digital format of our catalog version. 

This also allows you to have quicker access to our latest version.

Available on our website, you can also access it via the QR opposite.

On your smartphones 📱

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