Who are we?


Created in 1996, ATIM is a radio expert and IoT pioneer based in Villard-de-Lans, French Alps.

Designer – manufacturer of wireless communication devices, our mission is to provide industrial, remote, plug & play solutions to our client applications.

Our engineers team constantly innovates to develop smarter and more powerful solutions to solve upcoming technology challenges.


From the modules, the development extension cards to the sensors and the data visualization, ATIM deals with the end to end IoT solution.

Our engineers have developed high quality modules that are integrated into all are solutions’ portfolio. 

Sensors gather temperature, humidity, meter indexes, dry contacts states,… and send the data to our IoT Platform. 

Each blocks of the complete solution are independent and may be integrated to your application in function of its requisites though. 


From your application to your solution: our sales team works closely with the engineers to give you all the require support on your projects. We help you to find the most adapted remote solutions by listening to your use cases and understanding your specific needs.

Because client satisfaction is essential, we commit strongly on our technical support service.


Building an ecosystem of Partners is our business development plan. ATIM leans on a passionate and committed sales network to drive innovation and open new markets.

Based on mutual trust, we continue to grow our “Family”  providing first quality and reliability IoT solutions worldwide.


The company does not depends on external founds: investments and R+D are self-financed.

ATIM is owned 100% by Francis Raimbert, CEO.


We hire

NodeJS Backend Developper CDI

You already have good experience in Backend and want to join us to participate in the development and evolution of the Atim Cloud Wireless® platform.

Available immediately: NodeJS Backend Developper

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CDI R&D Electronics Embedded CAD PCB + Development of new products

Do not miss this post on CDI if you are passionate about embedded electronics and IoT, big opportunities for evolution at ATIM. You have a first experience in PCB design and PCB CAD. One more would be a knowledge of C in order to work also on the Firmware part (STM32). We also take pro licenses (year of alternating pro license or 2 years of gateway).

Available immediate ly: : R&D_Electronic Embedded

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CDI Engineer / Doctor in Electronics

Profile sought: Bac +8 Doctor-engineer in electronics and / or embedded systems (First CDI after a thesis) or Electronics Engineer with 2 years of minimum experience (alternating period included).

Available at September 1st 2019 : Engineer / Doctor in Electronics

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One internship offer available: Internship of 3 to 6 months in IT: Development of applications on Raspberry PI, and Applications in QT (C ++).

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