Local radio


Historically, communication between multiple equipment has been wired. However, there are several advantages of dealing with remote solution: radio range up to 30km at sight, lower installation and maintenance costs,… Point-to-Point (P2P) or multipoints modes allows multiple radio modems to share data remotely. This radio modems are coupled to any industrial equipment, mainly trough a Modbus link.


The example below shows a Modbus setup with a “Master” (on the left) questionning the 3 “slaves” modems (on the right). The “Master” modem sends specific requests to “slave” modems to get precise data as temperature, states of dry contacts or analog inputs / outputs of industrial equipment which they are connected to.




“Machine to machine” communication is the is direct communication between devices using any communications channel with devices qualified smart and connected. Wired or wireless M2M aims to maximize the industrial data collect and to centralize it.


ATIM works on sub-giga radio frequencies to provide M2M communication on its modems. The Advanced Radio Modems (ARM) product line allows to connect urban, industrial, environmental, medical equipment,…