LoRaWAN Gateways

 LoRaWAN technology allows the deployment of local proprietary networks using gateways. A LoRa gateway is capable of covering an entire building or industrial site.

A relevant alternative to IoT operator subscriptions in the context of static asset monitoring. Our Gateways allow the deployment of a long range LoRaWAN radio network compatible with all LoRa sensors of the market.

A zero cost solution, network subscriptions are free for all products registered on the Gateway. As the owner of its data, the end user has the possibility to store all the information collected by the park sensors on a specific integrated network server (Chirpstack), or even remote (option on request).

Easy to use, the connection of a data visualization interface through the Gateway is facilitated by an ATIM pre-integration. Depending on the environment, there are two gateway models : Industrial Indoor and Outdoor.