LoRaWAN Gateways

 LoRaWAN technology allows the deployment of local proprietary networks using gateways. A LoRa gateway is capable of covering an entire building or industrial site.

You can create your own private LoRaWAN network to deploy sensors or remotely manage LoRa equipment.
Because LoRa technology is so powerful, a single gateway can cover a 4-storey building or a site several hundred meters away.

ATIM has selected the best gateways on the market to offer you a complete solution: sensors + gateway(s) + Network Server + IoT platform.

To complete the package, ATIM can also supply optional accessories: antennas, coaxial cables, etc…

As the owner of its data, the end-user can store all the information gathered by the park’s sensors on a specific network server integrated into the gateway (Chirpstack) or even remote (optional).

Easy to use, the connection of a data visualization interface through the Gateway is facilitated by ATIM pre-integration.