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📣 IoThink Solutions is a global software company specializing in IoT/M2M platforms, offering integration expertise. Since its launch in 2016, it has created the most innovative IoT solution on the market for sensor control, fleet monitoring and data analytics. 📶

KHEIRON consists of several tools, including:
KHEIRON Studio, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create use cases from scratch or by accessing a library of pre-designed sensors and dashboards.
KHEIRON Service Platform, an interoperable IoT platform for sensor and data management.
KSP Mobile, the smartphone version of KSP Web to send commands anytime, anywhere.
The IoT Hub, a middleware to connect devices and send data to business solutions (ERP, CMMS, BI, CRM, etc.). 📡
More than 3,000 professionals are currently working with their IoT solution, including SMEs and large companies such as Engie, SNCF and Vinci, who trust the company to provide the best connected solution to meet their needs.

The platform was designed under the motto “Make IoT Simple”, allowing customers to:
– Easily design an out-of-the-box solution in less than 5 days.
– It also offers true interoperability, scalability, cost-effectiveness
– White label customization.
– Works with multiple markets including Smart Building, Smart Industry, Smart City, Smart Retail, Smart Energy and Smart Agriculture.
– IoThink Solutions can also help and advise customers to design and deploy their IoT project. 🚀

ATIM has been partnering with IoThink Solutions for several years, which allows us to offer customized solutions to our customers. We are excited to collaborate with IOTHINK and their dynamic team on new projects in #SmartBuilding, #SmartCity and #industry.

We thank them immensely for their trust. ⚡

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