Post: ATIM at the Smart City exhibition

📣 [Smart City Expo World Congress #2022]

This 11th edition of the Smart City Expo World Congress gathers the main actors of the #digitaltransformation of cities from all around the world. 💡🏙️🌍

Facing todays challenges with technological solutions is also applicable to cities: increasing #energy #efficiency#monitoring health parameters of public buildings or the rooms occupancies, and much more… 🌡️❄️☁️📊

ATIM Radiocommunication #iot wireless sensors are helping the #digitaltransformation. 📡

Matthieu Delatour 👋🏻 will be present at the event during the 3 days to meet, support and engage with your innovative ideas and projects.
Feel free to contact him via #linkedin instant messaging. 📧

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