Management of fire fleets

  • Economy
  • Alerts
  • Reactivity
  • Serenity

Your network’s performance under close surveillance.

24/7 monitoring and optimization for fire hydrants through the Internet of Things.

Centralization of critical information from fire hydrants in a national park.

The electronic card designed by ATIM secures the management of fire parks by reporting in real time all the information related to their operation: knowledge of the use of the poles 24 hours a day, evaluation of the volumes drawn, alert in case of fraud and spillage, etc.

The communication is based on the Sigfox network and allows to supervise the following elements

  • evaluation of the volumes drawn
  • monitoring of water withdrawals
  • optimization of your network efficiency
  • savings on non-accounted for water
  • fight against fraud
  • knowledge of the use of your fire hydrants 24/7

The challenge was to design in an extremely small footprint a connected electronic board able to operate in extreme conditions in cold and hot weather, in a very humid environment and even to stay under water for several days.

ATIM engineers have studied and developed a specific antenna for this constraining environment.

One of the key points was also to guarantee a maximum network coverage independently of the pole location.

With the Sigfox network deployed on the French territory for an outdoor use, the challenge is met.

Until now, this kind of project was unthinkable with GSM-type communications, which are too energy-consuming and costly.

The IoT solution designed by ATIM ensure the sending of alerts when

  • open or closed fire hydrant
  • overturned fire hydrant
  • drain not working
  • risk of freezing
  • low battery
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