Forklift call system

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A low-cost wireless solution that guarantees increased plant productivity.

Facilitate communication between forklift drivers & production line workstations through innovative technologies.

Industry 4.0 at your fingertips

For a major French car manufacturer, we have designed the first wireless and autonomous (battery powered) forklift operator call solution.

Indeed, in the automotive industry in particular, flows are tight and it is necessary to be able to respond to a request from an operator who needs a part in a limited time. This is the Just in Time method invented by Toyota.

This method implies that all the elements of the chain are functional and highly reliable. The radio performance aspect is essential in this difficult environment where there are many obstacles and the RF spectrum is very congested.  

In addition, the radio systems must cohabit with the welding robots and all the different sources of electromagnetic radiation.  

The system developed by ATIM works in this hostile environment for radio, it uses the ISM 868MHz band and can be supplied as a turnkey solution.

It includes the server and its master radio modem, the call boxes (1 luminous push button) as well as ruggedized industrial touch tablets for the operators. The exceptional radio performance allows to cover an entire automotive industrial hall, more than 20 hectares.

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