Structural monitoring of a building

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Your building under high surveillance.

Remote monitoring of cracks in buildings, bridges, dams.

Advarna facilitates real-time crack monitoring with ATIM modules

The Obsessio_X6 module allows the remote monitoring of cracks on buildings, bridges, dams or other structures.

A temperature measurement of the concrete is also performed to correct the thermal effects of the crack.

Advarna offers a plug & play solution integrating the ATIM IoT communication brick: sensor configuration interface and dedicated visualization platform InstrumME.

Frequent use

The Obsession_X6 sensor allows, among other things, to monitor

– the opening and shearing of a crack

– the displacement between two points

– the deformation of a beam in bending during load tests

Launched in 2021, the solution has already been implemented more than 1000 times using Sigfox, LoRaWAN or M2M technology.

A versatile sensor

The Obsessio_X6 is compatible with most sensors measuring micro displacement distances.

In particular, it is compatible with Linear Variable Differential Transformer (LVDT) or potentiometric technologies; the solution provides versatility, accuracy and industrial reliability.

In addition, a concrete temperature measurement is also performed to correct the thermal effects of the crack.

ID Sigfox

Plug & play solution

Advarna facilitates the configuration of the sensor through a mobile application or tablet that communicates in Bluetooth low energy (BLE) with the product.

In addition, the data acquisition interface, the InstrumME platform, allows to follow the evolution of the measurements in a secure and remote way.

The platform manages email or SMS alerts as well as the exploitation of the data collected by the sensor and the export in .csv for example.

– A hundred modules already installed
– More than 300 000 acquisitions
– Measurement accuracy: ± 0.01 μm
– Resolution ≤ 10 μm
– Autonomy 2 to 4 years
– 10 km range

Obsession X6 sensor

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