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A low-cost wireless solution that guarantees a reduction in energy consumption on construction sites.
Energy savings supported to offer a Plug&Play service improving the comfort of end-users through innovative technology partners.
Constant progress and cost reduction
The economic sector of the building and public works represents a heavyweight of the world industry with +9 billion € of revenue in 2019. The construction industry is also working to reduce costs related to their activities. LPWAN technology enables real-time supervision and remote control of construction sites.

As a major player in the business, Bouygues Construction has connected the electrical cabinets of its construction sites with the ACW/LW8-DINDIO16-G and has solved the following major issues :

Detect circuit breakers

A stopped crane stops the activity of the building site and causes an important indirect economic loss.

The ATIM solution quickly targets the faulty electrical cabinets in case of breakage and SMS alerts are sent to inform the site manager and the workers.

Reduce energy consumption by 10%

Equipment that is not switched off during non-working hours leads to frequent over-consumption on construction sites.

Through the continuous analysis of consumption data from the electrical cabinets, the energy consuming sources are immediately targeted and optimized. Correct use of the tools remains essential.

Prevent equipment theft and fires

Overheating of electrical cabinets can lead to fires, material damage and consequently to significant economic losses. An external temperature sensor alerts site managers if the critical threshold is exceeded.

Furthermore, equipment theft represents a significant loss every year. A geolocation solution for the cabinets is incorporated thanks to a GPS tracking system that is activated in case of movement. It allows to monitor the fleet of electrical cabinets and to prevent the actions of criminals.


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