Monitor river levels

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A low cost wireless solution that guarantees flood prevention.

A Plug&Play service that improves end-user comfort through innovative technology partners.

O’Cell integrates the ATIM solution

The Syndicat de l’Orge, de la Remarde et de la Predecelle regularly monitors the water level of its rivers: anticipation of flooding risks in sensitive areas.

The implementation of measurement sensors was done via solutions with electrical connection and therefore had to be located near pumping stations: the autonomous and wireless IoT solutions solve this problem.

The measurements also contribute to study the variations of levels according to the seasons and to keep a yearly history: a frequency of measurement fixed every hour facilitates a more precise analysis of the water level. 

Rapid alert in case of alarming level or exceeding of predefined threshold, protection of the inhabitants :

Ultrasonic measurement

The ACW-LVL is equipped with an ultrasonic distance measurement sensor. Capable of detecting between 20cm and 5.5m, it is compensated for temperature and humidity to ensure accurate measurement in the least favorable environments.

Parameterization of the sensor

Through the tools of the ATIM suite, the configuration of the sensors is free and simplified.

The ACW-LVL interfaces via Bluetooth or USB to the

IoT product desktop configurator.

There is also a mobile version with Bluetooth connection.

Finally, downlink commands from any IoT platform or operator backend can be sent to modify the sensor configuration specifically.

Sending alerts and viewing data

From the desktop and mobile versions In the IoT product configurator, thresholds can be configured: when the value measured by the LVL is outside the defined range, SMS or email alerts are sent.

This alert service is managed by the IoT web platform.


River height monitoring sensor

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