Energy performance contracts

  • Analysis
  • Comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Benefits
A long-term contract that guarantees a reduction in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Energy savings supported to offer a Plug&Play service improving the comfort of end-users through innovative technology partners.

The EPC is structured in several stages :

1. Consumption and infrastructure study

2. Realization of a plan of attack

3. Calculation of savings

4. Maintenance and updating of consumption during the contract period

5. Guaranteed ROI before the end of the contract with the Bonus/Malus system

In order to study and update the consumption of buildings and infrastructures, ENGIE relies on ATIM’s sensors : they meet multiple applications.
Comfort-even heat distribution

The study of heat distribution in the building is a key point in the consumption and infrastructure study phase. A mapping of temperature and humidity is made by taking readings of these measurements at each of the cardinal extremities on the ground, middle and upper floors of each building. The ACW-TH-I is used to take the readings and centralize the information on the dedicated energy analysis platform.

Optimization of electricity, water and gas consumption

Collecting the electrical, water and boiler room consumption indices contributes to the recovery and updating of energy data. Each of the meters and boiler rooms are connected to the ACW-MR4 and send the data to the continuous building performance analysis tool.
For explosive environments, especially for gas meters, an ATEX Zone 2 version is available: ACW/MR2-EX.

Prevention of llegionellosis

User comfort also includes the prevention of diseases related to the use of building infrastructures such as Legionella transmitted orally by ingestion of water containing the bacteria. It is therefore essential to monitor the temperature of the hot and cold water pipes with the ACW-TM2D-HP and to ensure that the bacteria cannot develop. In case of exceeding the threshold, SMS alerts are sent to prevent the risk of infection.

Detection of roof leaks

“Heat rises”. This physical phenomenon implies that a good roof insulation allows to retain heat more efficiently and to avoid important energy losses. The ACW-TH-O warns of possible leaks by analyzing the temperature and humidity conditions under the roof. As soon as a deviation from the standard values is detected, an alert is sent to the maintenance team.

Prevention of flooding in electrical cabinets and boiler rooms

The electrical installations of a building must always be functional. This is important for the comfort of the users of the infrastructure and the inhabitants. The prevention of flooding in the technical rooms and boiler rooms of buildings is therefore an important issue. The ACW-WL detects the abnormal presence of liquids, avoiding material damage, energy losses and discomfort of the users.


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