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Event – meetings

IoT MtoM Embedded

Thank you to Factory Systemes, our partner, for inviting us to the IoT MtoM Embedded exhibition. And thank you to our visitors for sharing this moment with us, it was a real pleasure!

We continue to accompany you on your connected projects. 🤝📡

LoRa Alliance


📆 July 6 – 7

Stéphane and Matthieu will come to meet you at the LoRa Alliance show on July 6 and 7 in Paris.

Join industry leaders from around the world, enterprises, device manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, developers, solution providers, educational institutions, IoT alliances, influencers and more at the largest global LoRaWAN event of 2022!

Zoom on 🔍

Control-command inputs | outputs ToR & 4-20mA

The ARM-Dxxxx is a radio modem that connects to On/Off or analog sensors and actuators. It allows the monitoring of 2 to 6 digital inputs or 2 + 4 analog inputs or outputs (0-10V / 4-20mA) which are sent by radio Point to Point or by LPWAN Sigfox | LoRaWAN networks.
In Point to Point mode, the modem can be configured in mirror or Modbus slave mode.


▶ 2 inputs + 2 basic digital outputs

⏩ Up to 4 ToR or analog inputs / outputs (0-10V / 4-20mA) in option

📊 Modbus slave / Mirror mode / LPWAN

🔗 RS485 connection

🔋 External power supply 10-30Vdc

📡 SMA antenna connector

Synchronization of the advertising signs

The ARM-D radio modem was originally designed for a large street furniture company that ATIM has been working with for over 20 years. This radio modem has entered the ATIM ARM (Advanced Radio Modem®) catalog.

It allows to synchronize the scrolling of posters in street furniture and to control several VMS from a master panel.

It has been deployed for many years in cities, airports, public places all over the world, for example on the Champs Elysées and on the biggest squares of big cities.

Pumping / Turbining

Pumped-storage technology is a proven technology known since the end of the 19th century. Used throughout the world, it allows the storage of large quantities of electrical energy through the potential energy of water.

Using this technique, pumped-storage power plants (PSTPs) avoid wasting energy during off-peak hours and compensate for the intermittent nature of electricity production in the wind and solar sectors.

A reversible hydroelectric plant (pumping or turbining) is used to transfer water between two basins located at different altitudes.

ATIM ARM-D radio modems are regularly used in mirror mode or in Modbus to control the valves of the reservoir and to know the level of this one.

2 in 1 sensor: temperature and counting

The TM1P/TM2P allows to monitor one or two remote temperature sensors PT100 or PT1000 and to read the index of a water or electricity meter.

It is commonly deployed in boiler rooms, buildings, energy installations and cold chain
control of the cold chain. 

The measurements are regularly transmitted by radio (Sigfox or LoRaWAN technology) and the configuration is done from the tools of the ATIM suite locally or remotely.

Compatible with the computer and mobile versions of the IoT web platform, the visualization of data, the remote parameterization of the sensor and the configuration of alerts according to predefined thresholds are made possible in a few clicks.

🌡️ -50 °C to + 200 °C

🔁 Configurable temperature thresholds

🔋 Replaceable batteries 

⚙️ Configuration via USB, downlink or mobile app

Boiler rooms

  • Monitor domestic hot water (DHW) temperature to manage the risk of legionella.
  • Control it is advisable not to heat above 60°C to avoid the risk of serious burns.
  • Reduce the energy bill by maintaining an optimal and constant temperature.

Cold rooms

  • Guarantee the respect of the cold chain and hygiene rules.
  • Control the temperature of your cold rooms, refrigerated banks, refrigerated trucks.
  • Keep the data transmitted in case of control.
  • Control and avoid any health risk.

Digital Catalog

For more flexibility and quick updates, we have opted for the digital format of our catalog version. 

Available on our website, you can also access it via the QR opposite.

On your smartphones 📱

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