Post: Newsletter September 2022

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Event – Exhibition 📣


[Lyon] 🔜

📆 September 14 – 15

Stand E111

The ATIM team will come to meet you at the SidO exhibition at the Cité internationale in Lyon.

Video support 📺

The video #4 shows how to open an ACW case in “Pepper” format, the manipulation being very simple without any screw. These boxes are IP65 waterproof and can therefore be placed outdoors, in addition the electronic board is tropicalized.

The video is available on our ▶ Youtube channel

Tank level monitoring 🎚️

Remote monitoring of the fuel level in tanks is made possible with ATIM’s new ultrasonic sensor, the ACW-LVL (LVL for Level).
Quick to install on top of the tank, the sensor connected via Sigfox or LoRaWAN IoT networks is autonomous and accurately measures the liquid level for several years.
Visual and intuitive dashboards are proposed in addition with an access to the IoT platform: display of the daily consumption and estimation of the remaining time in order to anticipate the next delivery.
ATIM has also signed a contract with a fuel distributor which will equip several thousands of tanks over the next 2 years.

Lighting control for stadiums 💡

The ATIM radio modules are used to control LED projectors in stadiums. The solution implemented by our partner HORUS SYSTEMS allows the modernization of large playing fields (soccer, rugby or other outdoor fields) without modifying the existing cables, without civil engineering and without adding dedicated cables.
This device allows a multi-power management of the lighting according to the trainings and the matches and by half field.

HORUS SYSTEMS, a specialist in lighting management systems, manages the entire protocol and network part. ATIM takes care of the radio communication between the different equipments.
The radio performance of the ATIM “nano” modules allows to get rid of obstacles and to guarantee an optimal range.

Digital Catalog

For more flexibility and quick updates, we have opted for the digital format of our catalog version. 

Available on our website, you can also access it via the QR opposite.

On your smartphones 📱