Synchronization of advertising panels

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Scrolling of street furniture posters by wireless synchronization.

ATIM approved M2M (Machine to Machine) solution

Synchronized information transmission

ATIM has been working with JC-DECAUX for more than 20 years and it’s a great story: We had designed a prototype in a hurry for this famous company in the 90’s during a presentation with one of their biggest customers.

The product we developed especially for them became a standard radio modem in the ATIM ARM (Advanced Radio Modem®) catalogue.

It allows to synchronise the scrolling of posters in street furniture and to control several VMS from a master panel. 

It has been deployed for many years in cities, airports, public places all over the world, for example all along the Champs Elysées and in the biggest squares of big cities.

ARM-D radio modems can operate either in mirror mode or in slave mode. They use the 862-870MHz frequency band in 25mW or 500mW on certain reserved channels.

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