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Our radio modules ARM-Nano are performant transceivers which enables remote connectivity to any electronic board that embed a micro controller with an UART or SPI interface. They deal with a stand alone transparent mode, and can be setup troughAT commands. Operating on narrow bandwidth or spread spectrum; depending on the version, they provide a great budget link (+150dB), which ensure up to 20km radio range at sight (> 30km for P2P LoRa version). Theirlow consumption makes them ideal for embedded applications aiming for an optimized battery life.

Printed board’s dimensions are standard for all the module product line of ATIM: 30 x 18 x 2mm (Nano).

A large portfolio of extension cards (shields) is available for “makers” : Shields Arduino, Raspberry PI, TheAirboard®, MPCI-E, etc… See the Shields page. Sigfox, LoRa P2P, LoRaWan compatible, the ARM modules offer the perfect solution for Internet of Things (IoT) application deployment. The module can also be shipped with “Stand Alone” mode, which allows to use it without any micro controller neither coding knowledge: create multiple IoT sensors in a few hours.